Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does it get as cold as other Cryotherapy units on the market?
Definitely! Our unit is endurance tested by sitting at -300F ambient temperatures for long periods of time to ensure it's durability, which is far colder than necessary for Whole Body Cryotherapy. Our flow system allows the chamber to get to the desired temperature quickly. Our unique blended air system also combines external ambient air with the cryogenic nitrogen to provide more even temperature distribution.

2. Who is the RevoCryo system ideal for? 
Being the most versatile Cryotherapy system available on the market today, the RevoCryo can suit nearly anyone's needs. Whether you're a chiropractor or physical therapist looking to add an excellent revenue generating service to your practice, a pro sports team wanting to add an easily moveable recovery system to your locker room or road arsenal, or an entrepreneur excited about entering into a new business, RevoCryo works for all! No longer do you need a dedicated space for a 800lb machine. Move it from room to room, location to location, or city to city!

3. Where is the RevoCryo system built?
We are proud to be an American company, building Cryotherapy units using high quality American craftsmanship. Many of our components are hand made by the best craftsman in their field. We like to compare our RevoCryo unit to a bespoke tailored suit, versus an assembly line built unit churned out at high volume. 

4. How long does it take for my RevoCryo system to arrive?
Due to our stringent requirements on quality, and the unique materials we employ in the construction of each unit, delivery time for your RevoCryo unit will be roughly 45 days from the day it is ordered.

5. Since it's so light, does it easily tip over?
It does not. The design allows for a wide base that is very stable while in use. The inflated chamber itself weighs under 20 pounds and is very easy to move around when not in use, but is also extremely stable and planted. 

6. Does the air blower run constantly while the chamber is in operation?
Yes. Our quiet blower fan runs anytime the chamber is in use. This is to create a constant exchange of air within the chamber walls, which acts as an insulator. This unique system provides not only the structural support of the unit and insulation, but also flows external ambient air into the inner chamber allowing for a more even cooling experience.

7. How does the door open?
The door opens by way of a large industrial-sized zipper. It opens in seconds and instantly evacuates the cold gas inside the chamber. 

8. How is the interior height adjusted for people of different heights?
The interior height is set using the provided adjustable pads. These pads are made of a high density aerospace foam used to line fuselages of commercial aircraft. Not only is it resistant to extreme temperatures and lightweight, but does not break down and become soft over time like other pads available.

9. What is the warranty? 
We offer a warranty covering all components from manufacturer defects for one year. Due to the compact design of our unit, we are able to accomplish quick service via overnight shipping as opposed to making you wait for a technician to arrive to make repairs. 

10. What if the chamber tears?
The fabric used in the chamber construction is very durable. It is rip/tear/abrasion resistant. If your chamber does suffer a tear due to a manufacturer defect, you're able to quickly ship it to us for the necessary repairs and we'll send it back to you. Our test chambers have endured the equivalent of nearly 500 cryotherapy sessions during development, without a single tear or seam separation. This stuff is strong enough to go into space, protect our soldiers in the field, and protect nuclear reactor workers from harsh environments...it's strong!

11. How do I get Nitrogen for Cryotherapy?
We work with all of our clients to secure reliable local delivery of nitrogen at the lowest prices possible.